Autumn 2021

December 2021
Early December the Cormorants had a visit from Penryn College geography department. Mr Pikesley brought in lots of fossils for the children to study. The children defined what a fossil is, explored how they are made and then created storyboards to tell the story of the fossil.
November 2021
 As part of our Cornish Miners topic, the Herons were lucky enough to go on a fantastic trip to Geevor Tin Mine! They experienced all parts of the mine, and even had the chance to go underground! The children all had fun panning for their own gems, which they were allowed to take home. It was amazing to record what we learnt when we returned to school. The children were amazed by the amount of facts that they could remember! 
Chocolate Making - Puffin Class
On Monday 1st November 2021 Puffin Class had a chocolate making session to round of our Maya topic. Back in September, we had a chocolate tasting session in which we scored and evaluated the different types of chocolate. We used this knowledge and took inspiration from our guided reading book, 'The Great Chocoplot' by Chris Callaghan, to try out new flavours. We used raw ingredients including; Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Powder and Maple Syrup., alongside a range of toppings including; dried fruit, mini marshmallows and sprinkles.
In November, Curlew class had a visit from Mrs Pearce's daughter! This formed part of our Science learning about the six stages of human growth. Children formulated their own questions about what kind of things babies can/can’t do and were able to find their answers by asking Mrs Pearce or by simply observing baby Anya in the classroom. One of our Curlew mums is a health visitor and she was able to pop in and measure Anya's weight and length during the afternoon. We are going to repeat these measurements in the Spring and Summer Terms so we can track baby Anya’s growth. Observing and measuring over time is a crucial scientific enquiry skill. For more detail about Anya's visit, please go to Curlews' Introduction page. 

In November, Curlew class took part in our Autumn 2  ‘WOW Day’ which launched our Brilliant Bodies topic. Dr Wallace came in to talk about her career journey towards becoming a consultant. She brought in models and xrays for us to explore. We loved learning from an expert and are excited for the half term ahead.  For more detail about Dr Wallace's  visit, please go to Curlews' Introduction page. 

Sandpiper Class had a visit from the Fire Brigade.  White Watch came from Falmouth to demonstrate how the Great Fire of London spread so quickly. They set fire to our "City" of black and white buildings and then demonstrated how quick they could now put out of fire using the modern equipment.
We were given a guided tour of some of the equipment that they carry and talked about some of the things that a modern fire brigade can do.  We then had even more fun learning how to use the hoses!
Mexican WOW Day - Puffin Class 
To launch our new Mexico topic we had a Mexican themed WOW day which linked in with the timing of the Mexican day of the dead. Our day included:
  • Dressing in bright colours, as many people do to celebrate the day of the dead.
  • Learning about the story behind the Mexican flag and drawing our own versions.
  • Locating Mexico on the world map and identify the countries around it. 
  • Creating day of the dead themed skull art work, using colours and lines to create contrast and impact. 
  • Trying a range of Mexican food including, nachos, taco wraps, refried beans and guacamole. 
October 2021
In October, Choughs, Chicks and Kittiwakes visited Fox Rosehill Gardens in Falmouth just before half term.  This was an 'Autumn Walk', and the children were busy looking for items on a scavenger hunt.  We travelled the short journey on a coach, which the children all absolutely loved, and the rain held off so that we had a lovely time in the gardens. 
Sandpiper class went exploring around Mabe village on a very soggy afternoon in October! We had a look at the houses and buildings around the village and talked about the materials that they were made out of as part of our learning on Everyday Materials in Science. As part of our topic work. Me, Myself and Mabe, we were looking at the human features of the village, the shop, the bus stop, the roads, etc., we also found letter boxes, a phone box and the war memorial - even Mrs Nancholas had never seen this! 

In October, Curlew class had the pleasure of visiting Pendennis Castle. We took part in an amazing ‘Now and Then’ workshop which included dressing up, exploring artefacts and role playing! Mabe Primary School was the first group to take part in the ‘Now and Then’ workshop since Covid, so we felt very lucky! History truly came to life. After lunch, we explored the castle itself, taking note of the various materials evident in the building. This was a great cross-curricular activity, linking to our Science theme. For more detail about our Pendennis Castle trip, please go to Curlews' Introduction page. 

Pasty making 

To kick start their Cornish Miners topic, the Herons has a visit from Ann (of Ann’s pasties!). They learnt about the history of the Cornish pasty and made their own with guidance from Ann. Well done to Bailey, who won best pasty in the class judged by Ann. 

September 2021
As part of our topic ‘Mabe vs Penryn’, the herons visited the Flicka Foundation. The children were fascinated to find out about the 96 donkeys that were taken care of. Some of their stories were very sad, and the children were inspired to write persuasive letters to encourage others to donate. The Herons class were proud to sponsor their own donkey, Tickatee-boo!