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Cormorant Class visit the Eden Project 
17th October 2018

Cormorant Class have found out loads of interesting facts about the Romans. I was really impressed with their project homework; we have got some fabulous mosaics, Roman menus and PowerPoints. Pop in and visit our Roman Museum tomorrow (Thursday 18th) anytime from 9.20 until 10.

19th September 2018

Welcome to Cormorant Class! The year 3s and 4s have settled in really well and have already produced some excellent work. Our Rotten Romans topic got off to a flying start with children making Roman mosaics, leaflets for The Roman Baths and using their geography skills to colour code a map of the Roman Empire. Pop in and have a look at our Romans display! In literacy, we have been looking at the queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe: Queen Boudicca. Cormorant Class loved acting out Queen Boudicca’s rebellion against the Roman army. There were some very dramatic battle scenes. In numeracy, Cormorant Class have been developing their place value skills. This includes recognising the value of digits in four-digit numbers, ordering and comparing numbers and counting in multiples. The children have tackled some very tricky mathematical reasoning and greater depth work.