Cormorants WB 13.9.21

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Week Beginning
Monday 13th September 2021
1. Learn this weeks spellings and try to use them in a sentence.
2. Order instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.
3. Write a list of questions you would ask a very muddy wooly mammoth.
4. Use the picture stimulus and use the headings to write about it. 
5. Use a dictionary to find the definitions to the words.
Other subjects:
History- Order these events onto a timeline.
Reading- Reading comprehension. Read the piece of text and then answer the questions below in full sentences.
 Art-  Look at the cave paintings from the Stone Age. What can you see in the pictures? Answer the questions about the painting. Have a go at recreating some of your own cave paintings. You can use different animals too. You could use pencil, chalk or pastel.