Cormorants WB 21.3.22

Cormorants Home Learning
WB 21.3.22
Monday- Test on last weeks spellings and begin learning this weeks new ones.
Tuesday- COLD TASK- write an explanation text on how volcanos erupt, with no help! Please then send a picture to Mrs Haycock :)
Wednesday- Box up the model text into sections- you only need to write brief notes and then begin planning your own defeating the monster tale. You can change the characters, who the monster is and where it is set if you like. I have attached a boxing up grid and the model text for you to look at.
Thursday- write the opening and build up for your defeating the monster tale. Remember to use adjectives, adverbs, extend your sentences using conjunctions and maybe even some speech! The opening is great for using descriptive language as you introduce the characters. 
Friday- write the problem, resolution and ending. Don't forget to use some super descriptive language (adjectives, verbs, adverbs) to describe your monster! 
This week we are looking at Statistics. Work  your way through the Powerpoints and have a go at the activities.
Monday: interpreting bar charts.
Tuesday: interpreting tables.
Wednesday: interpreting charts.
Thursday: Interpreting line graphs.
Friday: non due to class trip.
Other Subjects: