Cormorants WB 28.3.22

Cormorants home learning
WB 28/3/22
This week we are going to be completing our assessments in class. At home you could:
Monday: Test your spellings from  last week and learn your new ones.
Tuesday: Read your school reading book (or a chapter of it) and write a summary about what happened in that chapter.
Wednesday: Write a defeating the monster tale based on Theseus and the Minotaur.
Thursday: We are identifying the features of an explanation text. Read the model text and identify different features. What types of words are included? What punctuation can you see? What tense is it written in? What person is it written in? How is it laid out?
Friday: Using apostrophes to show possession. Look at the power point on using apostrophes and use this knowledge to complete the sentences on the work sheet.
We are completing our assessments this week. At home you could:
Practice your times tables on TTRS.
Follow the power points to learn about length and measure like we are doing in class. Complete some measuring around the house/outside. If you don't have a ruler at home you could use non standard measures such as- how many footsteps/hands tall or long an object is.
Follow the PPT to complete this weeks lesson on plants.
This week in computing we have been learning about using word, including different punctuation marks, capital letters and changing font colours. We have also practiced inserting word art and pictures into a word document. Have a go on word and see if you can  write some information about Italy using capital letters and a range of punctuation marks.
In DT this week we are planning our pop up card design of the colosseum. Look at the power point to see the style we are going to be replicating. Then use the picture of the colosseum to sketch your own colosseum and plan the background for your card.