Curlew's Curriculum

 Curlews' Curriculum - Year 2 
At Mabe Primary School, we have been working extremely hard to develop our curriculum to ensure that children experience the very best across every subject.  In planning our curriculum on a long and short term basis, we keep our MABE ethos in mind. Children should: 
Be motivated to learn - MOTIVATE
Be assisted in their learning - ASSIST
Believe in their own ability - BELIEVE
Be excited by experiences - EXCITE
Curlews' updated curriculum has the MABE ethos at its heart. Topics have been carefully chosen to motivate and excite the children and I have considered ways in which pupils might be assisted in their learning.  My goal is that our Year 2 children believe in their own ability across all subjects.  Please take a look at our long term plan below:
Curlews' Long Term Planning
Curlews' Termly Parent Information Booklets
Parent information booklets are sent home termly and detail coverage, as well as expectations for Year 2 children. 
Polite reminder: As mentioned in the booklets, please ensure your Dojo alerts are active on your devices as this is our primary form of contact, both from a whole school and class point of view.