Curriculum Introduction

At Mabe Primary School, we strive to continually improve and develop our curriculum by reviewing content and making exciting advances in the thematic delivery of the skills and knowledge we need our children to acquire during their time with us. 2021-2022 is a pivotal year in terms of ensuring that our new curriculum topics reflect our MABE ethos (Motivate, Assist, Believe, Excite), whilst also including essential rigour and creativity. A key feature of our curriculum is the inclusion of WOW days and experiences. These include trips, residentials  and visiting speakers. 


Our school is growing and whilst we currently operate a single form entry system in Reception and Key Stage 1, classes continue to be mixed-age in Key Stage 2. As a result of this, we operate a two year rolling programme of topics in our Cormorants (Year 3/4), Puffins (Year 4/5) and Herons (Year 5/6) classes. Our long term aim is that we will gain a fourth class in Key Stage 2, meaning that we will revisit our programme of topics. It is our intention at that point, that we run our History units in a clear chronological order.


Topics have been carefully chosen and scheduled to ensure that there is a progression of learning, revisiting and building on knowledge and skills, as well as meeting the National Curriculum objectives. Topics are exciting and engaging; based on either a Geography or History lead focus for each half term. They are delivered through cross-curricular lesson planning to make the most of learning opportunities.

Here is our timetable of Topics and below this, you can read an overview of the coverage within each unit. This is organised per class. 

Curriculum in action at Mabe
Below you can see the vast array of activities that have taken place in our school since September 2018. Whilst only the tip of the iceberg, they give a flavour of the breadth of our curriuclum at Mabe. 

To find out how we are making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities and special educational needs, please click here to view the Equalities Statement, Accessibility Plan, Racial Equality Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy in the Key Policies section of our website.  Please also refer to the Inclusion section of the website where you can find an information report detailing how our school identifies, assesses, and makes provision for children with Special educational needs and disabilities.