Curriculum Introduction

Our Curriculum Intent

At Mabe Primary School, we strive to continually improve and develop our curriculum by reviewing content and making exciting advances in the thematic delivery of the skills and knowledge we need our children to acquire during their time with us. 2021-2022 is a pivotal year in terms of ensuring that our new curriculum topics reflect our MABE ethos (Motivate, Assist, Believe, Excite), whilst also including essential rigour and creativity. 

Our curriculum is broad, and we have a commitment to encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, well-being, creativity and mastery. We want to make pupils think hard, aim high and have the resilience to keep going when they encounter difficulties whilst benefitting from as many `Wow ‘opportunities and experiences as possible. 

Our core subjects are the crowns of our curriculum which are underpinned by the National curriculum and foundation subjects being taught through a current, relevant, contextual, inspiring, challenging and supportive curriculum. English as a whole and the promotion of the love of reading is at the heart of our curriculum and underpins every area of learning. It is through the skills of English, whether developing oracy, reading, writing or performing we feel that our children can connect with, make links to and gain sticky knowledge of their local environment, the world we live in and their sense of place within it.

We celebrate our cultural diversity and the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of learning and always take these elements into account to ensure that our lessons reflect these. We hope that learners will leave Mabe having the confidence to take risks, make mistakes, be responsible and work towards their ambitious life goals.

The learning journey begins immediately from when they walk through the doors at Mabe where we will give them the foundations, skills and tools to move on with confidence to secondary school and flourish in their future ambitious learning ahead as adults.

Implementation of the curriculum at Mabe Primary School

The characteristics of effective teaching and learning are in everything that we do in our daily pursuit of generating a love of learning. Underpinned by our values of Motivate, Assist, Believe and Excite children will be exposed to a curriculum that is face paced and engaging for all.

We have developed the 6P’s for teaching and learning which all staff and pupils are coached in when they arrive at Mabe. We teach with Pace to keep learning momentum and to engage and Motivate all pupils. Every activity has a clear learning intention to Assist pupils understanding in the Purpose and sequence of their learning. Full Participation is an expectation where every child is engaged in every part of our teaching. Passion and enthusiasm for learning are sure to Excite. We use Praise to encourage and Motivate children in their learning. We encourage model and promote Perseverance so that all children believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

A key feature of our topic-based curriculum is the inclusion of WOW days and experiences. These include trips, in house experiences residentials and visiting speakers. Topics have been carefully chosen and scheduled to ensure that there is a progression of learning, revisiting and building on knowledge and skills, as well as meeting the National Curriculum objectives. 

Our curriculum impact statement

With the impact of our new Mabe values and the newly implemented 6Ps of teaching and learning we believe that we have created clear foundations for successful outcomes and impact on learning for all children at Mabe Primary School. This will enable Mabe pupils to be in line or above the national expectations in the phonics screening check and progress to be in line or above national expectations at the end of EYFS. As our new curriculum is embedded in Reading, Writing and Maths the positive impact will be seen at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 data. The in-year progress we hope to be ‘expected or above’ for all year groups in all subjects which includes our vulnerable groups. As our new approaches to teaching and learning are embedded the 6ps will support teaching to be good or even better. Regular curriculum reviews will also ensure that the needs of all children are being met.

Our pupils who leave Mabe will be respectful citizens who are ready to transition with confidence and resilience embedded, ready for the next part of their learning journey. We will motivate pupils to want to take further risks and challenges. Children will have achieved the best possible outcomes and will be able to apply their learning to future experiences and opportunities in life.