Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage at Mabe.
At Mabe School our EYFS provision consists of a Nursery and Reception class connected by a beautiful shared outdoor learning environment. 
Our purpose-built Nursery takes children aged 3-4 years for sessions up to 30 hours per week. Our Reception Class (Kittiwakes) currently admits 25 children. We have a generously sized classroom environment which is used flexibly for a range of activities.
The classroom opens onto a large covered veranda, which leads out onto the outdoor areas. The Reception children have access to toilets and cloakrooms situated immediately adjoining the classroom.
The Early Years outdoor area consists of a hard-surfaced playground area suitable for bikes and scooters, an area covered in bark chippings which is used for a range of loose parts play, and a grassy area shaded by trees running up to the Nursery garden. These areas also provide a range of digging and planting areas, a mud kitchen, a playhouse and a climbing frame. The whole of the outdoor area is a ‘gated space’, in that during free play sessions, the children can safely access all the areas, under the supportive supervision of the staff team.
Throughout the year our EYFS children collaborate on learning experiences, trips, special events and activities, with staff sharing planning and delivery of the curriculum in an environment that is nurturing and supportive of all. The EYFS Lead at Mabe School is Jo Champion (Reception teacher).
EYFS Curriculum.
Our EYFS curriculum is designed to support a rich and varied learning experience for children. We plan our curriculum each year to reflect the needs of the current cohort of children, and to allow for progression of skills and knowledge as the move through our EYFS provision. In addition to carefully planned curriculum coverage, we provide further learning opportunities based on children’s own interests and fascinations. In this way we implement a curriculum that incorporates children’s own common themes and interests, as well as introducing new stimuli so that children’s interests broaden to include areas they may not have thought of or experienced, such as ‘how to plants grow?’.  Our curriculum is carefully planned to provide a solid foundation for progression towards the National Curriculum subjects in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, both in core and foundation subjects.
Our aim is for each child to develop a positive sense of their own identity, and that while they are at school they should have opportunities to access a rich range of experiences. These experiences will broaden vocabulary and language skills, exposing children to a variety of stimuli (artistic, scientific, literary and spiritual) to which they will have opportunities to develop ways to respond. These skills will enable children to grow in their capacity to engage in all aspects of life as ‘creators’ rather than just as ‘consumers’.
Take a look at our Early Years Curriculum Map which forms the basis for our planning across the year.

Collaboration and Progression across the Early Years at Mabe School.
Across our nursery and reception class provision, we carefully plan for children's progression in all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
We consider a progression in resources and equipment, skills and knowledge and therefore a progression of experiences to support this development.
Our Reception and Nursery teachers Mrs Champion and Mrs Drysdale plan collaboratively and share ideas and activities, making sure they are appropriately tailored to the children in each class. We share topics and themes to support learning across the early years. 
Our collaborative outdoor environment allows children to reap the benefits of mixed age learning creating an early years family of learners who support and care for each other. Older children have the opportunity to help others and be a leader, supporting their younger friends to play and learn and our nursery children gain confidence and experience elements of challenge from being led by older peers.
Our expert team of Early Years staff spend time across both classes allowing the children to build secure relationships with adults which promotes a smooth transition from one class to the next.
To read more about our Early Years Progression Model, view the document below.
EYFS Policy
For more information about Early Years at Mabe School, please see our Early Years Policy below.