Mrs Champion

Class Teacher

Welcome to Kittiwakes Class! Our indoor and outdoor learning environments provide a carefully planned learning experience for our Reception children. Learning takes place through a combination of adult-led and child-initiated activities, which are recorded and shared with parents using Tapestry online learning journals. We aim to develop excellent relationships with parents in order to provide a high quality experience for children and their families. Myself or Mrs Drysdale (regular supply cover) will always try to be available to answer any questions or hear updates about activities the children have been involved with outside of school.

Shared Learning


We ask that parents support their child's learning by reading daily with them at home, and recording this in their Reading Records. At the beginning of their Reception year, children will begin by laying a really solid foundation to reading through Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics teaching in school. Initially, while their phonic knowledge is being embedded and before we begin to ask them to blend the sounds they have learned to read words, we ask that parents support their learning by helping to develop a real love of books and stories. With this in mind, in the very early stages your child's 'reading books' that come home will be story books from the class library for you to read to your child and share with them. We will combine these with picture books with no words, which should be used to encourage a sense of story and sequence as you work out with you child how to tell the story shown in the pictures. This is a vital stage of the learning process, and we would really encourage you to make the most of this as a way to build excitement about books and reading as your children prepare to being to read words themselves.

When we feel sure that the children are secure in their knowledge of individual sounds, we will begin to work with them on blending these sounds to read words. At this stage we will begin to send home reading books with words to read which are carefully matched to the sounds that they are secure in reading.

As the children learn to read and write their sounds, they will bring home a Speed Sounds book (Green and then Yellow) in their books bags so that these can be practised at home. As part of your daily reading time, the sounds covered so far can be practised following the guidance inside the front cover of the book.

More information about the RWI programme will be made available to parents through websites, letters and information evenings during the school year. Please do come in and see us if you have any questions about this.

Below there is a list of some recommended reading for children in their Reception Year. Some of these texts will be covered in detail as part of our Talk for Writing programme throughout the year.


Our maths learning in Reception will take palce largely through play-based activities within our classroom environment. These activities will be carefully planned and designed to develop and extend children's learning based on our assessments of their next steps Adults will work with children in a range of ways to help them to move on in their learning.

At Mabe School we have adopted White Rose as our maths curriculum, and in Kittiwakes we take our first steps towards developing the maths mastery which is part of this model. This involves ensuring that at every stage of their learning, children have a full and thorough knowledge of the concepts that are covered, so that they can begin from an early age to tackle reasoning and problem solving activities. This begins in Reception with making sure that early maths knowledge is well-rounded and secure, and that children can begin to think about solving simple problems through developing mathematical language. You can support your children by checking on the blog on this page to see what we have been covering in maths each week, and supporting with simple practical activities at home. If you have any questions about our maths learning, again please do pop in for a chat.


We encourage children to share with us activities and experiences that are significant to them, and our learning in Kittiwakes will often take place within the context of children's areas of interest. Curriculum information will be sent home at the beginning of each half term providing an outline of themes which will form the basis of our learning. This will then be enhanced week by week by activities based on children's own areas of interest. Occasionally we may ask for children to find out specific facts or information, or complete some simple tasks to feed in to our class learning.