Kittiwake's Curriculum

We aim to deliver a broad and rich curriculum for our Reception children, and to provide them with an excellent early years experience at Mabe School.  In developing our curriculum, we have taken time to ensure high quality activities in all the areas of learning in the EYFS.  Alongside this we have taken into account our whole school vision and values for what we aim for children to learn and experience across their time at Mabe School.  This approach has enabled us to build a range of experiences throughout our Reception year which provide our children with all that they need to reach their Early Learning Goals, and also to be ready and prepared for the further learning that they will engage with as they progress through Mabe School.  We have woven this together around common areas of interest for young children, such as Dinosaurs, Animals and Fairy Tales, so that key learning takes place within contexts that are engaging and appealing to young minds.  In this way, the concepts and ideas that we aim to develop can grow out of starting points that are familiar and exciting to the children in our class.  
Below you will find 'Knowledge Organisers' for the topics that we are excited to be exploring in class.  These provide an overview of the knowledge and vocabulary that we will be introducing and developing during that half term.  As we engage in the learning with the children, through a range of activities and experiences, it is always the case that their ideas and questions lead to a broader exploration of these themes.  So while the Knowledge Organisers below will give families an idea of the concepts that we want to ensure are embedded as a foundation for future learning, we will not be limited by these in terms of the learning journey that we take with the children within each theme!