Kittiwakes Home Learning Spring 2022

Welcome to our home learning page for Kittiwakes Class.  If you are here, it means that your child must be isolating due to Covid, so to begin with we wish them a speedy recovery!
The provision on this page will enable your child to stay up to date with the activities we are running in class linked to our topic, as well as  keeping up with their maths and literacy coverage while they are at home.  They can be organised in whichever way suits your circumstances the best, and please do feel free to adapt them according to what you have available at home.  Learning materials will be uploaded here on an 'as necessary' basis, meaning that when there are no children off with Covid from our class, nothing will be added for that period.
It can be challenging to persuade children at this young age to engage with learning activities at home, so please take whatever approach suits you and your child best, whether this is little and often, or really getting into something while they are in the mood.  It is also worth remembering that in the EYFS, extended times of play are all part of learning, so a good long lego session, or mixing potions in the garden with water and petals is all good learning, too.
Daily Phonics
Please use the links below to access a daily phonics lesson, beginning on whichever day of the week you begin to access these activities, and rolling on to the following week as necessary. 
Please see the video links below to online phonics lessons for your child's group (I will dojo message parents to inform you of which group to access).   These links will expire on 16th April 2022.   One video per day for Reading and Spelling.
Ditty Group
Monday: Speed sound 'e'
Tuesday: Speed sound 'l'
Wednesday: Speed sound 'h'
Thursday: Speed sound 'r'
Friday: Speed sound 'Speed sound 'j'
Red Group
Monday:  Speed Sound 'sh'            
Tuesday: Speed Sound 'th'        
Wednesday: Speed Sound 'ch'            
Thursday:  Speed Sound 'ng'                       
Friday: Speed Sound 'nk'             
Pink Group
Monday:  Speed Sound 'or'                
Tuesday:  Speed Sound 'air'              
Wednesday: Speed Sound 'ir'        
Thursday: Speed Sound 'ou'            
Friday: Speed Sound 'oy'              
Week Beginning Monday 4th April
This week we will be taking a careful look at a range of 3D shapes. Please use the links below for videos and activities matched to what we will be covering in class.
This week's activities based on our Planting and Growing theme are as follows (each of these may take more than one short session to complete, so feel free to spread them across the week!):
- Part of our learning in school this half term has been around different ways that we can grow healthy and strong.  The final aspect of this, covered this week, is to remind children of the importance of not speaking to strangers.  We will be reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood as a starting point, and talking about the fact that Little Red Riding Hood did not know the wolf, so it would have been better not to have talked to him or given her any facts about herself.  We will think about what a 'stranger' looks like, explaining that a stranger is any person you don't know, no matter what they look like.  We will point out that the children are always safe when they are out and about, and staying close to the adults they are with, but that they should never speak to or go with anyone they don't know, even if they seem to be nice or have something fun to show us.
- On Monday we have lifeguards from the RNLI coming to speak to us in assembly.  By following the link below you will find lots of activities to do with your child on the theme of beach safety.
- On Thursday we will be making some sandwiches in class, thinking about how they can be healthy part of our lunchbox.  You could plan and make a sandwich at home with your child, encouraging as much independence as possible (eg spreading butter, chopping any salad ingredients, building their sandwich and cutting it up).