Kittiwakes Week 5: 2nd Feb '21

Week 5
Welcome to Week 5 of our Spring Term Home Learning.  Thank you for your engagement with our daily live lessons, which provide me with an essential point of contact with your children for monitoring their progress with the tasks that we complete together.  This page will be updated weekly with a range of activities, and all of the learning will be follow the same progression as we would have been following in school, so that your child does not need to miss out while they are learning at home with you.
This half term, our topic is 'Once Upon a Time', and I will include the Knowledge Organiser for this at the start of each week's learning.  This document provides an overview of the knowledge and vocabulary that the children will be developing over the coming weeks, and the activities that I provide each week will give you everything you need for supporting your child's learning. 
Every day there are two recorded video sessions for you to access with your child, one for their daily RWI Phonics session, and one for their White Rose Maths.  Links for these are underneath each day of the week below. 
Read Write Inc Phonics  Your child only needs to watch the Set 1 Speed Sounds, Word Time and Spelling film every day.  
White Rose Maths  This week the children will be continuing with their new unit called 'Growing 6,7,8'.
Along with these recorded lessons, we are now delivering our daily live lessons.  You can join these via MS Teams. Information about the content of each of these live sessions will be given underneath each day below, along with the time of each session (please note that these might be subject to change, so keep an eye on Dojo for any announcements).  Should your child be unable to attend these sessions, they will be recorded and available for later viewing.  
In addition to these daily sessions, each week I will upload a Learning Grid which will include a range of activities, including Maths, Reading, Writing, Phonics and other topic related activities that you can complete at home.  These activities are designed to be completed at a pace that suits you across the week, so you can pick two or three different subject areas each day to have a go at.  In Early Years it is very common for children to select the same activity several times, so please don't hesitate to revisit anything that has worked particularly well for you and your child.  At this age, knowledge and skills are embedded largely through play and repetition, so if they want to do some things several times, this is all perfectly acceptable!
For reading books, please login to Oxford Owl for School, logging in as a Student using the following details:
On this page you can select Read Write Inc from the reading scheme menu, and a shelf of ebooks will appear.  During the previous lockdown, the selection of books available was extended to support home reading, so hopefully this will be the case this time, too.  For now, please contact me via Dojo for advice on which book to select to match your child's current levels.
As always,  if you have any questions or need any support with the activities here, please do message me via Class Dojo.  Do keep an eye on Dojo messages and on this page, for news and updates about our online provision.
Take care, and stay safe
Mrs Champion
Weekly Learning Grid
The documents below support the activities from the learning grid for this week.  There are also some story book page templates here for this week's Talk 4 Writing live lessons.
Daily Sessions
Monday 1st February
Live Lesson 11.05am:  This week we will be working together on the process of creating our own storybooks.  Today we will be making a start on our first page.  You could use the Story Writing Page in the resources area above, or create your own by drawing some broadly spaced lines on a page and allowing your child to create their own border.  Your child will need a pencil and paper for this activity.
Live Lesson 2.50pm:  Storytime.
Tuesday 2nd February
Live Lesson 9.00am: Today we will recap on the children's opening page of their stories, sharing some of our ideas.  We will then go on to plan our next page together before the children go on to make this at home.
Live Lesson 11.00am: In this live lesson we will be focusing on wellbeing, and I will be talking to the children about how they might be feeling about not being able to come to school.  We will share some ways to help with worry, and to celebrate things that make us feel happy.
Live Lesson 2.50pm: Storytime
Wednesday 3rd February
Live Lesson 11.05am: We will begin by listening to some examples of the children's stories so far, and then go on to plan how we will write the next page.
Live Lesson 2.50pm: Storytime
Thursday 4th February
Live Lesson 9.00am: After hearing some examples of the children's stories, we will go on to plan another sentence in our story today.  Once this page is complete, your child should now have 4 pages of their storybook in place.
Live Lesson 11.00am: Following last week's learning about the importance of brushing our teeth, today we will spend some time talking about visits to the dentist.
Live Lesson 2.50pm: Storytime
Friday 5th February
Live Lesson 9.00am: Today we will complete the final page of our story books.  Your child can then go on to complete the cover of their book,  using the template in the resources if you like, or they could just make their own.  I can't wait to see some of your completed stories!
Live Lesson 11.00am: Storytime