At Mabe we are excited to have signed up to Charanga, a fantastic resource which leading pupils through a carefully planned and sequenced programme from EYFS to Year 6.  All of our classes have a weekly curriculum music lesson, which comprises listening and appraising, development of musicianship skills and knowledge, singing, composing and performing.  Throughout their time at Mabe, each of these aspects of musical learning will be revisited and built on, providing the children with a rich and exciting musical foundation ahead of moving on to Year 7.
Our core music curriculum, delivered through weekly Charanga lessons, is supplemented in a range of ways across the school.  In 2021-22, we are fortunate to have support from specialist music teachers from Penryn College, who spend time with each of our classes across the year.  This specialist support is planned to strengthen our curriculum delivery, and to provide instrumental and music technology opportunities.  
Alongside this, we have peripatetic instrumental teachers from the Cornwall Music Service Trust visiting the school weekly to deliver lessons on a range of instruments.   Through regular demonstrations and musical performances, we aim to encourage children to take advantage of these lessons.  Instrument hire is available through the Cornwall Music Education Hub, so that there is no need to buy an instrument in order to get started.
Across the year we put on a range of plays and performances, including Christmas plays, end of term assemblies, and other special events.  Our school choir meets weekly to rehearse, and has performed as part of the annual Songfest productions, at lunches for the elderly in our local community, and for shoppers at our local Asda.  The choir often rehearses harmonies to sing alongside the rest of the school during  singing assemblies. 
As well as the singing resources available through Charanga, we also have a school subscription to Sing Up, which has a fantastic range of songs available.  These include songs by current artists as well as more traditional songs, so we are able to select a range of singing material to appeal to everyone.