Our Aims, Vision and Values

Mabe Mission Statement

To ensure the highest quality in teaching and learning in which all members of the school community work in a happy, secure and stimulating environment where their potential is fulfilled.

Mabe School Vision Statement:

  • Our vision is to provide a safe, happy and respectful environment where children are each recognised for their individual personalities, talents and potential.
  • We will provide a balanced, inspiring and enjoyable curriculum, which offers a range of experiences and opportunities to challenge our children.
  • Our vision is to build excellent relationships between all stakeholders to ensure good foundations for high quality, life-long learning and the development of the whole school community.


Our values:

Our core values underpin everything we stand for at Mabe School and will act as a compass in guiding us towards our vision. They are:


M – Motivate

A – Assist

B- Believe

E- Excite