Puffins Friday 18th June

Welcome to Puffins Home Learning Page!

In the event that we need it, here is the home learning for Friday 18th June 2021. I will also be covering three of these subjects in our live lessons tomorrow on teams at 9.30, 10.30 and 11.30.
If you have an questions, please send me a message on dojo.
Stay safe,
Mrs Haycock
In Maths this week, we have been learning how to use the bus stop method for division. Today we will be continuing with this method, but where there are remainders. Follow the PowerPoint and complete the activities. Talking time are examples to show you what to do.
In English, we are working on non- chronological reports. Follow the PowerPoint, where I talk about some of the features of non-chronological reports. Then we will focus on organising paragraphs and sub headings. Read the paragraphs from the non-chronological report that has got all jumbled up, Can you find which belong in the same sub heading? 
Last week in Geography we learnt the counties and capitals of the United Kingdom. This week we are going to be focusing on England, and the counties that make up England. Take a look at the PowerPoint to learn what a county is, then fill in the blanks using directional language (north, north east, east, south east, south, south west, west, north west) to describe where the counties are within England.
In science, Mrs Kent has been looking at living things with you. I would like you to go into your garden to see if you can find an animal, and where it lives. Can you make a drawing of your animal and it's habitat and label it to describe what it is like.