Early Reading
We begin teaching your child to read the moment they step through our doors! We believe that getting children to read early and quickly gives them the very best start on their learning journey.

At Mabe School we teach reading and promote a love of reading in EYFS and KS1 through:
  • A rigorous daily approach to teaching phonics through Read Write Inc.
  • Storybooks and Book Bag Books closely matched to the sounds children know to ensure early success
  • Daily story time for enjoyment
  • Teaching of rhymes and oral story telling to develop language and vocabulary
  • Working closely with parents through reading workshops, home readers (RWI) and sharing books.
  • Whole class guided reading sessions in KS1
If you require any further information about our Read Write Inc. programme please click on the link or icon below.
Whole Class Guided Reading
Guided reading takes place every day through a whole class approach that really supports the development of the children's reading skills. We use our reading dog domains to ensure the children are aware of all of the different ways they can learn to comprehend what they have read. The children are encouraged to read out aloud, share exciting parts of the chapters with each other and discuss the text as a group alongside a supportive adult who helps to guide the session. The text is also used to support writing for or is related to our topic.
Accelerated Reader
At the end of KS1 and in KS2 we use the accelerated reader programme to track the reading of individual children and support them as they develop through different reading stages. Children select books at their targeted level and when they have finished the book the children quiz on the book they have read through a series of questions that assess how well they have understood the content. We aim for children to achieve a pass rate of 80% on each quiz and their progress is tracked by their teacher and English coordinator to keep a close eye on how they are developing as a reader.

Click below for the parents guide to accelerated reader.
Individual Reading
In EYFS and KS1 reading books are closely matched to sounds they have been learning so children can practise them at home as well as building their confidence. Every class has a reading corner which includes a range of appropriate reading material to support their individual development. The children select reading books that excite them and that are the correct reading level to help nurture their love of reading.

Home Reading
We would love for every child to read at home every night. The benefit of this is to really instil a life long love of reading within our children. When children have read at home they record this in their reading records and this counts towards collecting the Karate reading bands and their names move up our whole school pyramid.

Reading at home not only supports the children’s progress and development but it also strengthens the bond with adults at home who are invested in listening and talking to their children about their book of choice.

To help support your child with reading at home, please click on the documents below.
Selecting the right books to read with your child can be quite challenging. Below are lists of recommended reads for each year group. These books are great for children to read independently or with an adult. 

Reading in Action at Mabe:

Take a look at how we are developing a love of Reading!

World Book day is an important day in our school calendar with lots of reading based activities taking place in the classrooms. To make it even more memorable, we invited grandparents in to school for a reading afternoon with their grandchildren. It was a fantastic opportunity to share a love of reading.
We have a Reading Buddy programme that helps support and develop the confidence of some of our younger readers as well as allowing older children to become reading mentors.
Every classroom has a reading area were children can sit and select a range of appropriate reading material.
To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, every class took part in a range of activities related to some of his classic stories.