Sandpipers Home Learning 21st March 2022

English this week -
To complete our Talk for Writing Unit "Meerkat Mail". This week we will be writing our "invention" story based on "Meerkat Mail". Last week we planned it in class.
Think first about the introduction. Who is your character and where does he/she live. Why are they fed up? What note do they write? Where do they go on their travels, who do they meet, where do they end up?
We will be investigating weight and mass, please take a look at the White Rose Website Home Learning | White Rose Maths Investigating Mass and Weight week 10
This week we will be using compass directions to navigate a map. North, South, East and West.
We will be drawing using Paint - using the shape  and fill tools.
Science this week - we will be investigating the animal groups of amphibians and fish.