Summer 2022

April 2022

 Well shiver me timbers, what a swashbucklin time the Curlews had at Pirate's Quest in Newquay! Calico Jack was our host as we journeyed through the pirate past. He taught us many facts, myths and even a few Cornish words along the way. Dressed as pirates ourselves, we were truly immersed in the experience. 

We discovered that there are various myths linked to piracy. For a start, they didn't walk the plank; this was invented in the story 'Treasure Island' which was written many, many years after The Golden Age of Piracy. Also, if they had a peg leg or hook for a hand, pirates would not be onboard ship - instead they became landlubbers. Their eyepatches were not to cover injuries, but used to help the pirates adjust to bright light/darkness.