World Book Day 2021

World Book Day Song 2021
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Take a look at the offical World Book Day song by MC Grammar.

Challenge - How many books can you spot in the song?

Competition Time! 
Recreate your favourite book cover or book character using a toilet roll inner, kitchen roll inner or other tube you have as a base. Add detail using pencils, pens, paints and other craft materials. When you are happy with your finished book character/cover, take a picture of you with your character/book cover and the book (if you have it to hand). There will be one winner from each class who will receive a £10 book voucher. 
The Masked Reader 
Some of the staff at Mabe school have used technology to record themselves reading reading poems whilst disguised as animals and other objects. Can you guess "Who's Behind The Mask"? 
Carrot - Mrs Champion
Carrot is performing "An owner's complaint" by John Hegley.
Clues from Carrot: 
  1. I have a small black dog, that is definitely a dog not a carrot. 
  2. I love playing with sounds. 
Dog - Mrs Thomas
Dog is performing "Smiling is Infectious" by Jez Alborough.
Clues from Dog: 
  1.  My favourite colour is blue. 
  2.  I love chocolate. 
Frog - Mrs Jones
Frog is performing "Saw My Teacher on a Saturday" by Dave Crawley.
Clues from Frog: 
Koala - Mrs Haycock
Koala is performing "A Sense of Weather" by Moria Andrews.
Clues from Kolala: 
  1.  I have a dog called Lottie.
  2.  I am trying to learn how to surf. 

Panda - Mrs Barnacott
Panda is performing an extract from "Not Smart Enough for a Smart Phone" by Nandita Shailesh Shanbhag.
Clues from Panda: 
  1. I have a ginger cat.
  2. I like watching cricket.  
Rabbit - Mrs Griffiths
Rabbit is performing the "Queen of Tarts" poem from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Clues from Rabbit:
  1. I'm often a zebra but today I am a rabbit.
  2. My favourite chocolates are Malteasers. 
Tiger - Mrs Pearce
Tiger is performing "Runner" by Mike Edenfield.
Clues from Tiger:
  1. 4 is the magic number.
  2. A small vegetable is initially really cool every time.
  3. 160 divided by 80 
Warthog - Mrs Tremaine
Warthog is performing an extract from "George's Marvellous Medicine" by Roald Dhal.
Lion - Mrs Jenkin
Clues from Lion:
  1.  I love to go horse-riding.
  2.  My favourite bird friend loves to stand on one-leg!

Cat - Mrs Drysdale
Cat is performing "Dirt on My Shirt" by Jeff Foxworthy.
A clue from Cat: 
  1.  This school cat loves nothing more than playing outside in the garden with her kittens!

Fox - Miss Lynham 
Fox is performing "I Opened a Book" by Julia Donaldson.
Clues from Fox: 
  1.  Whilst I'm not always in orange I do love bright colours. 
  2.  Although most foxes aren't keen on flying I once did a skydive from 10,000 feet over Perranporth.
Horse - Mrs Moody
Horse is performing "Horsey Horsey" by Anon (this means know one knows who wrote it).
A clue from Horse:
  1. I am a chocolate loving granny. 

Octopus - Mrs Malone
Octopus is performing an extract from "Dreamt of Dresses" by Sean Green.
Clues from Octopus: 
  1.  I love to wear fancy dress.
  2.  I love the colour red.
Pig - Mr Cruse
Pig is performing "Saw My Teacher on a Saturday" by Dave Crawley.
Clues from Pig: 
  1.  I have a cat at home called Ash.
  2.  I support Manchester United football team. 
Unicorn - Mrs Furness
Unicorn is performing "Library" by Michael Rosen.
Clues from Unicorn:
  1. You see me here, you see me there, you see me everywhere!
  2. Amethyst is my favourite colour.
Shark - Miss Tagell
Shark is performing "Beach" by Ann Bonmer.
Clues from Tiger:
  1. I love to walk my dog on the beach.
  2. My favourite colour is yellow

Dragon - Mrs McCarthy
Dragon is performing "I wish I had a dragon" by Shel Silverstein.